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The department’s Placement Policy embeds the legal entitlement for students to enrol at their designated neighbourhood school, and to enrol at another school if there is sufficient accommodation..

Eligible children and young persons have the right to be admitted to their designated neighbourhood government school, regardless of capacity. Accordingly, all students that reside within the area of a designated neighbourhood school (referred to as a ‘school zone’) must be offered a place when seeking enrolment.

A student’s designated neighbourhood school is generally the school that is nearest the student’s permanent address as determined by the school zone. The Find My School website provides guidance on which school zone a student’s permanent residence is located within.

Students are able to apply for a place at a school that is not their designated neighbourhood school.

All students who seek enrolment in a school outside of their designated neighbourhood school should be enrolled in that school if:

  • there is sufficient accommodation at the school
  • this request for enrolment aligns with the school’s enrolment management plan (if they have one).

For information on verifying a student’s permanent address, refer to: Determining permanent residence.

All Victorian government schools must manage enrolments in accordance with this Placement Policy, except those schools where the Minister or delegate has approved specific entry criteria.

Edenbrook is one of these schools as it is forecast to come under significant enrolment pressure from within the school zone.

Approved entry criteria for Edenbrook Secondary College for the 2023 school year are:

  • students with a sibling at the same permanent address who is attending the school at the same time
  • all other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.

Students from outside the school zone will no longer be prioritised for enrolment based on curriculum grounds. Enrolment on compassionate grounds remains in the Placement Policy as an overarching consideration.

Students seeking placement in Year 7 must meet one of the above criteria to be eligible for enrolment in 2023.

Students seeking enrolment in other year levels continue to be subject to the Placement Policy.


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Our Zone

The department’s Placement Policy embeds the legal entitlement for students to enrol at their designated neighbourhood school, and to enrol at another school if there

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