School Preferred Device Program

Students are required to bring a notebook to school for use in classes. Accessing the School Preferred Device Program will allow students to meet these goals. Students will confidently use their notebook as a primary instrument to support their learning and passions. It will provide them with access to a wide variety of digital content, services and infrastructure.

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Device Selection

The Lenovo 500W Yoga Gen 4 has been selected by the school as our preferred device to ensure a robust, effective, cost- efficient and flexible solution. Setting a standard device enables students and teachers to learn collaboratively in the most efficient and effective way.

How and When to Order

We recommend that devices are ordered via our dedicated Edenbrook Secondary College Learning With Technologies Portal. Families are advised of the process once enrolled.

Portal ordering attracts the following benefits: > onsite support for warranty > onsite support from our School Technician > accidental damage repair options > order tracking > flexible payment options.


Equity and Inclusion

Any family unable to participate in the School Preferred Device Program due to financial hardship is encouraged to contact our Business Manager, Joanne Clifton, to discuss options that may include; payments plans, loan devices and other supports. The details of any financial arrangements will remain confidential. Financial matters will not be discussed with students.

Participation in School Preferred Device Program

Parents do have the choice to not participate in the School Preferred Device Program and may elect to supply a comparable notebook. Please contact the school to check the suitability if you are supplying another device. It should be noted that students who are bringing an ‘own’ device may not be able to access some software due to licensing restrictions. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure all software is purchased legally in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


Please Note

It should also be noted that due to the variation between different notebook models Edenbrook Secondary College can only provide limited support for connecting student’s ‘own’ laptops to the network. Many suppliers only provide an offsite warranty that is typically valid for one year. All school program devices will have the option for a 3-year on-site warranty as well as optional accidental damage insurance. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure notebooks purchased for use at Edenbrook Secondary College comply with school’s minimum requirements.

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