Welcome to the Edenbrook Secondary College Library!

We have recently opened our school library with a range of resources including fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and biographies, and the collection continues to grow!

Our fiction books are categorised by genre in the library making it easy for students to find a style of book they enjoy. You can view our online catalogue below.

We have a monthly delivery of new titles and encourage students to have their say.  Let Ms Barker know of your favourite book if it is not yet in the library or if there’s a new book coming out that we MUST have!

If you need assistance or have forgotten your password, please see Ms Barker


The library hosts fortnightly visits from English and Connect classes to support the curriculum and encourage enjoyment of reading. Every student is also registered with the Premiers Reading Challenge for this year. Students have been provided with their log in details and can log in here.  

We host the Cardinia Youth Services lunchtime visits on a Thursday and have a range of games on offer for students on a Tuesday lunchtime which includes our Year 9 dungeons and dragons club.

It is also home to our first Library Action Team who are planning and developing displays and organising library events. In the future, we look forward to hosting a Book Club and Writers Club.

We are open every weekday for students before and after school, plus two lunchtimes a week for games and activities.

We currently have a limit of one book per student and it’s yours for two weeks, unless you’d like to renew it.
To borrow a book, bring it to the front desk and let Ms Barker know your name or present your Compass ID card.
To return books please bring them to the front desk upon entry.

We welcome all students to this safe, relaxed, and enjoyable place to discover and grow their love of books.


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Welcome to the Edenbrook Secondary College Library! We have recently opened our school library with a range of resources including fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and

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