Our Vision & Values are reflected in our College Logo

Native to the Pakenham area, the Magpie-Lark or ‘Peewee’ are known for the pretty harmony of their distinctive calls.  Nesting in the local Edenbrook wetlands, Peewees partner for life and share the responsibility of nest building, protecting and rearing their chicks, prior to them leaving the nest. The quirky, loyal, progressive and protective Peewee is a much-loved Australian bird.


The hand-shaped gum leaves gently casts the young bird out into the world beyond.  The symbolism of the Edenbrook logo communicates supporting students in a calm, established and structured environment. As the students launch into their futures, they graduate from the supportive, protective and nurturing environment of Edenbrook Secondary College and take flight, progressing into the world beyond, well prepared and world ready to embark on their next adventure and find their life’s path.


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Our College

Welcome to Edenbrook Secondary College Edenbrook Secondary College was chosen as the school name following community consultation and discussions with Geographic Names Victoria, with consideration

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Executive Team

Executive Team Johanna Walker Principal Zoë Carolan Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning Ainslie Waters Assistant Principal – Student Engagement Lachlan Watson Assistant Principal –

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Edenbrook College is situated in Pakenham, a satellite suburb of Melbourne on the edge of the West Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia, 53 km south

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Our Vision & Values are reflected in our College Logo Native to the Pakenham area, the Magpie-Lark or ‘Peewee’ are known for the pretty harmony

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Vision & Values

Edenbrook’s mission is to ‘collaboratively generate a positive learning environment that challenges and supports us all to grow’. The College staff have identified the following

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Bell Times

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday Periods Start Length End Mentor Group 8:53am 0:08 9:01am Period 1 9:01am 1:00 10:01am Period 2 10:01am 1:00 11:01am Recess

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School Facilities Edenbrook Secondary College is equipped with the following permanent buildings Administration Building and Resource Centre Two Learning Neighbourhoods (Cowan and Paterson Buildings) Science,

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Employment Opportunities

Recruitment We advertise all positions on the Victorian Department of Education and Training recruitment site –  Recruitment Online.  We also promote all advertised positions on

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